Train the Trainer manual

Here’s a summary of the course material:

The Train the Trainer Manual

Session 1: How People Learn

You need to know how people learn so you know why some things work and others don’t. This session gives you simple but crucial information about how the brain works and the different learning styles people have and sets out what this means for you as a trainer.

Session 2: How To Design Your Training

This session takes you through all the stages of designing your training and gives you an 8 step plan you can follow every time. It shows you the questions to ask to make sure people need training in the first place and tips on how to choose exactly the right content for any group.

Session 3: How To Deliver With Impact

You want to make the right impression when you’re training, don’t you? You want to come across as confident, in control, approachable. This session reveals the 3 key elements that make up your personal impact and how to use them in the right way. It also tells you the best way to open and close a training session.

Session 4: How To Set Up The Room

The way you set up the room has a huge impact on people’s attitudes to your training and the level of involvement you’re likely to get. This session goes through the pros and cons of the different ways of setting things up so you can choose the right one for each occasion.

Session 5: How To Make People Want To Learn

Perhaps the most important session in the whole manual and worth the price by itself. If you can’t get people in the right state for learning, everything else is a waste of time. This session explains exactly what a receptive state is and sets out 10 things you can do, before and during your training, to make sure you have enthusiastic and motivated learners.

Session 6: How To Ask The Right Questions

Trainers often complain that they’re not getting much response from a group. This session explains some of the reasons why that can happen. It reveals the hidden ways in which you might be undermining your own chances of success by the way you ask questions and the kinds of questions you choose. Are you making these mistakes?

Session 7: How To Answer Questions

Do you worry about answering questions? Do you have a nagging thought that you’ll get caught out or that someone will ask you a question that takes you off track? This session will show you exactly how to answer questions in the right way, even the ones you don’t know the answers to.

Session 8: How To Use Activities

Effective training is interactive. It involves people, it doesn’t leave them sitting there passively, listening to the trainer giving a presentation. But there are pitfalls in setting up group activities. This session reveals just how and when to use different kinds of activities, such as ice -breakers, energisers, case studies and role plays and shows you how to set up small groups successfully.

Session 9: How To Use Visual Aids

Visual aids can be a wonderful way to brighten up your training and make it far more interesting and memorable – but not the way many people use them. Find out the right way to use visual aids and how to avoid the mistakes most trainers make with PowerPoint.

Session 10: How To Help People Remember

You want people to remember what they’ve learned long after the training session but, in most cases, that just doesn’t happen. In fact, it’s shocking how much people forget ( and how quickly ). This session explains how the memory works and gives you 13 techniques to use to make your material unforgettable.

Session 11: How To Evaluate Training

You need to evaluate your training to make sure it’s effective – but how? This session takes you beyond the happy sheets and shows you the different levels of evaluation, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

But that’s just the manual! As well as all this, you get 3 audio tracks, each of about 30 – 40 minutes, with word for word transcripts so you can read the material if you prefer.

The Audio material

These audios bring together, and expand on, material from the manual to address specific problems trainers face.

Audio 1: How To Get A Response From A Group

We all know the feeling. You’re trying desperately to get some response from your learners but they’re just sitting there looking blankly at you, not saying a word. What can you do? Here’s your chance to find out.

Audio 2: How To Deliver Technical Training Successfully

Do you deliver technical training – helping people to learn legislation, regulations, technical information, processes? This sort of training has its own challenges and, in this audio, I go through all the points you need to be successful.

Audio 3: The Inner Game Of Training

Let’s be honest, training can be difficult. It can be tiring. It can make you feel anxious, nervous and weary. You’re not always in the best frame of mind when you go into the training room. But it’s vital that you are, because your state affects everyone else’s. So how do you keep yourself going? How do you maintain a positive and confident outlook? That’s what you’ll learn here. You probably won’t find this in any other Train the Trainer materials.

Just to remind you – all the printed material is available to download and the audios can be played direct from the web page which you will be sent to when you complete your purchase. It is not in hard copy form. You’ll be given full instructions and you can contact me directly if you have any problems.

Bonus Materials

As well as the 196 page manual and the 3 audio tracks, if you buy the programme now, I’ll add 2 bonus booklets.

90 Training Activities

The programme spends a lot of time discussing how and why to make training interactive. But sometimes people struggle to think of activities to use.

This booklet gives you 90 activities, including ice – breakers, energisers, brainstorming sessions and learning reviews. These are from my own file of training activities, collected over the years. It’s perfect for browsing through when you’re looking for ideas or to keep on hand when you’re running a course in case you need a quick injection of energy.

The Book Of 100 Quotations

You can use quotations in lots of ways – put them up on the wall to brighten the room and give people something to think about when they come in. Ask people to choose their favourite one and say why they like it as an ice – breaker or to introduce a topic. Use them to illustrate your key points.

Here are 100 interesting and inspiring quotations about learning and personal development collected from a wide range of sources. All you need to add is your imagination.

How much does all this cost?

This programme represents pretty well everything I’ve learned about training over the last 17 years. It covers more ground than any Train the Trainer course you would ever attend. It even gives you access to my own collection of activities and quotations!

You can take what you learn here and use it to become an outstanding trainer. You can use it to develop a career in training or to help you build a business as a professional trainer.

It will certainly save you hours of work when you’re preparing training materials, wondering how to choose the right content, how to use activities and visual aids, how to handle any problems that might arise.

What is all that worth to you? I’ve no idea. Only you can answer that question.

If I ran a course to teach you all this, it would take at least 5 days and I’d probably have to charge you around £1,500.

And, looking at other materials that are around, I could probably charge well over £100 for this. But I’m not even going to ask that much.

I want to make all this accessible so you can use it to become the sort of trainer you want to be.

So, if you buy the Transform Your Training package now, you can get it for

£100 £75 £59.95 ( that’s about $95 )

Yes, £59.95 for all this material – you have to admit, that’s a bargain.

I’m so sure you’ll find this programme excellent value that I’m even willing to give you a 90 day no-risk money-back guarantee. That’s right – if you’re not entirely happy with it, let me know within 90 days and I’ll refund your money – no arguments, no quibbles, I want you to be delighted with this or I don’t want your money.

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