Transform Your Organisation’s Training

Is the training in your organisation having the impact you want it to?

Does it make a real difference to people’s performance and contribute to the success of your business or the quality of your service?

Are your trainers using up to date materials and methods to make their training engaging, memorable and effective?

If the answer to any of those questions is less than a resounding “YES” then we need to work together.

I have a passion for helping organisations like yours improve the quality of training so that it has a lasting impact and gets the results you’re looking for.

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The 10 Signs That You Need To Review Your Training!


How many of these warning signs do you recognise?

  1. All your training materials are written, and perhaps delivered, by subject specialists who are experts in their fields but have limited (or no) understanding of learning and development
  2. The training seems to have little real impact on people’s performance, or
  3. Actually, it’s hard to tell because there is no systematic evaluation of the training
  4. Training takes place in a vacuum – people go on courses but there’s little support before or after to make sure they implement what they learn
  5. People are reluctant to go on training courses, take-up is poor and dropouts high
  6. Training generally has a poor reputation or isn’t valued highly
  7. Training has no clear objectives, tied in with the goals of the business
  8. There is a lack of creativity and adaptability, your trainers deliver the same topics in the same way every time
  9. Training is based on outdated methods, e.g. a reliance on PowerPoint presentations
  10. Your training material hasn’t been reviewed and updated for a long time

If you recognise any of these danger signs, don’t wait – you need to get help quickly! Give me a call on 01564 770436 or email to find out how I can help you before it’s too late!

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